Our Company:

We are passionate campaigners who believe that the right combination of expertise and technology can have a really big impact on your race or your cause.

Faster Campaigns is a product planned, built and maintained by the folks at Upwards Technologies. Founded in 2005 by Ben Krokower, our company provides progressive non-profits and Democratic political campaigns with essential technology services and solutions.

Through the years, we have evaluated, built and maintained just about every type of donation page. One thing we learned is that, for our customers, the set up process can be both daunting and time consuming. It became clear that there was a need for a better, more streamlined approach and we’ve spent close to a decade fine-tuning ours. The Faster Campaigns solution is the culmination of all of that research and testing, combining the most cost-effective, efficient and flexible pieces of technology into a single piece of infrastructure.

So why the Robot? Just like Faster Campaigns, a robot is complicated on the inside, with tons of moving parts and sophisticated technologiesBut on the outside, it’s a single, user-friendly entity, built to help real people accomplish important tasks. Plus, Ben likes to build robots.

Our company’s goal is to give you an easy path to a great set of tools that will help you raise dollars and move your mission forward. Simple Steps. Big Results. 



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