Our People:

Because our service is geared toward progressive campaigns and organizations, we are committed to helping people raise funds quickly and cost-effectively. 

Ben Krokower


Ben founded Upwards Technologies in 2005 after serving as the Technology Director on the Gregoire 2004 campaign. A veteran of Microsoft, Ben Krokower took his high-tech know-how and applied it to helping cash-strapped campaigns get the most for their money. For the past 8 years, Ben has worked with just about every combination of budget, timeline and technical requirement, and has always found a way to make it work. He currently serves on the City of Seattle’s Citizens’ Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Board which advises the Seattle City Council on technology matters.


Abraham Godong


Abraham Godong joined Upwards Technologies in 2007. A native of Jakarta, Indonesia, Abe has become an integral part of the team, bringing his resourceful and driven nature to bear on all tasks. He is an expert on emerging technologies and cutting-edge development techniques. Since joining the company, Abe has completed his M.B.A. and provided much of the operations and development expertise that went into the launch of Faster Campaigns.



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